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Vision, Mission and Values
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Vision & Mission
Masraf Al Rayan is committed to stewarding, protecting and growing the assets of its customers and shareholders. We recognise that your potential is our potential and that your risks are ours.

For our family of employees, our aim is to create a stimulating and rewarding environment, with ongoing opportunities for growth and development.

We will continually harness resources for the good of local and regional development, and we will seek to build bridges between the region and the world.

In all that we do, our aim is to set the standard of performance and service within Islamic banking... and beyond.

Our Brand Values
Serving each and every customer of Masraf Al Rayan to the best of our ability

Delivering with ability and credibility through our intrinsic influence

Turning aspirations into reality through high-tech service and cutting-edge performance

Modernising banking to provide a new customer experience that positively surprises

Providing excellence in the field of Islamic banking and beyond

At Masraf Al Rayan, the value of human resources is entirely recognized and the growing team of employees is greatly valued. We believe that “Our people are our greatest assets.” Our people philosophy involves around attracting, retaining and motivating talented employees to carry out the operations of the business effectively and to achieve our goals.
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