MAR Introduces HIMYAN, the National Prepaid Card

Doha, Qatar – March 8, 2023

Masraf Al Rayan, a prominent Islamic bank in Qatar, is delighted to announce the release of its HIMYAN prepaid card, a registered trademark of Qatar Central Bank. This card is named after the traditional money bag used by ancient Arabian merchants and is designed to provide customers with a secure and convenient method of managing their finances and making electronic payments exclusively in Qatar.

HIMYAN doesn’t require a minimum balance and offers several benefits to customers, including the ability to make contactless transactions, use the card at all pointof sale terminals, ATMs, and local online shopping websites via QPAY payment gateway. HIMYAN card is issued to both customers and non-customers of Masraf Al Rayan to promote financial inclusion. Transactions made with HIMYAN are secure as it offers contactless; CHIP, PIN and OTP enabled transactions.

"We are thrilled to introduce HIMYAN; which is a QCB initiative and the first Qatari national payment scheme that provides convenience, security, and flexibility. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to ensure that the card is easy to activate and manage, and we believe that our customers will benefit greatly from the card's features," said Mohammed Al Emadi, Group Chief Business Officer, "HIMYAN is a symbol of our commitment to providing innovative and secure payment solutions that promote financial inclusion in Qatar. We encourage all our customers and non-customers to take advantage of the benefits that HIMYAN has to offer."

The HIMYAN prepaid card is a reloadable general-purpose card that can be used for everyday shopping at stores, cash withdrawals and online shopping within Qatar. Existing Masraf Al Rayan customers, as well as non-customers, can apply for the HIMYAN prepaid card by visiting any Masraf Al Rayan branch and submitting a completed application form along with the required documentation.

In addition, Masraf Al Rayan customers can load money onto their HIMYAN prepaid card through the linked Masraf Al Rayan account via Internet Banking or Mobile Banking, the call center, or Masraf Al Rayan cash deposit machines. Meanwhile, non-customers can load money onto their HIMYAN prepaid cards through Masraf Al Rayan cash deposit machines and the QPAY payment gateway. The HIMYAN prepaid card can also be used for online purchases on merchants that support the QPAY payment gateway, with transactions completed securely using a combination of OTP and Card ATM PIN. If a card is lost or stolen, customers can block and replace their HIMYAN cards through Internet Banking or Mobile Banking, IVR, or call center agents.

For more information on the HIMYAN card please visit or call 44253333