Spreading Joy and Cheer
Masraf Al Rayan Visits Children at Sidra Medicine During Garangao Festival

Doha-Qatar, April 6. 2023

In accordance with its social responsibility strategy and in celebration of Garangao during the holy month of Ramadan, Masraf Al Rayan, a leading Islamic bank in Qatar, organized a visit to the children’s wards at Sidra Medicine. The aim of the visit was to spread joy and festivity amongst the children undergoing treatment at the hospital, while sharing the meaning and spirit of the month. The bank's team spent quality time with the children, distributing games and gifts, and uplifting their spirits.

Garangao is a traditional Qatari celebration held on the 14th night of Ramadan, offering a fun and joyful night for children who dress up in traditional clothing and visit their neighbors to collect sweets and gifts.

"Our initiative seeks to extend the spirit of the month to children who may be struggling due to their health condition. Our visit to the young patients at Sidra Medicine on this auspicious occasion, filled with love, care, and support, can make a significant difference in their well-being and gives positive feelings towards their physiological situation," said Mrs. Eman Al Naemi, AGM Corporate Communication at Masraf Al Rayan. Mrs. Al Naemi added, "Garangao is a remarkable opportunity to celebrate our rich heritage and connect with the local community. We are thrilled to have brought joy and happiness to the younger generation during this festive occasion, which inspires and encourages such feelings."

In Addition, Mrs. Al Naemi emphasized the bank's steadfast commitment to social responsibility as an essential component of its business and expressed pride in contributing positively to the community.

It is worth highlighting that MAR's corporate social responsibility strategy during the holy month encompasses all segments of society and reflects its commitment to giving back to the community.